Bamboo Dinnerware // Sustainability for your Home
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Bamboo Dinnerware // Sustainable Dishes

Welcome to Bamboo Dishes. We are pleased to offer you the largest selection of bamboo dishes in Europe. With us you can discover and buy over 200 different items in 8 colourful, natural colours. In addition, we have attractive discounts on larger orders, attractive tableware sets and regular special offers.

Bamboo crockery is perfect for home and on the go, as picnic crockery or camping utensils, families and restaurants - of course reusable as often as you like, dishwasher safe and, on request, with your logo as an exclusive laser engraving. Bamboo utensils are resource-heavy reusable crockery.


  • 8 natural colours
  • Reusable spares resources
  • Mainly from renewable raw materials
  • 100% BPA free!
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Robust & light.


  • Which products do we offer?
  • Why we love bamboo ❤
  • What are the advantages of bamboo?
  • Over 70% natural raw materials
  • Where is our bamboo harness made?
  • Tests - how do we test?
  • Theme melamine
  • Hot drinks from bamboo cups
  • Reusable crockery - no disposable crockery
  • Bamboo dishes dishwasher safe?
  • Environmental protection when shipping
  • 24h shipping - CO2 neutral via DHL Gogreen
  • Regional cooperation
  • Shipping to Austria and Switzerland
  • Delivery times

Which bamboo products do we offer?

Generally we can realise all forms. The most common articles are:

  • Plate (angular and round)
  • Mug (coffee mug, drinking cup without handle, Picardy cup)
  • Bowl & bowls in 11 sizes
  • Coffee to go mug in 8 colours
  • Children's dishes for girls and boys
  • Storage cans (potato pot, onion pot, garlic pot)
  • Flowerpots
  • Trays
  • Bread basket, eggcups & egg spoons, pitchers

✿ All Products ✿

Why we love bamboo ❤

The material bamboo fascinated us since the first second. Both the feel and the lightness of the products as well as the mostly natural raw materials you just have to love. Magu was able to reduce the plastic content in his dishes by 70% by using bamboo fibres and corn powder. 

From the beginning, it is also important for us to know all the details of production, composition and tests in order to be able to offer a perfect product. We have high goals for the future. How can you lower the remaining unnatural shares further and eventually replace them completely? We work for you and our environment.

What advantages does bamboo have over plastic, ceramics or stainless steel?

Most of our products are made of natural bamboo. This is grown exclusively on plantations that are regularly cut and reforested. Since bamboo is an extremely fast-growing grass (no wood!), we can say 100% confidently that it only uses resources that nature can regrow very quickly. For this our manufacturer is in possession of a special license that allows him to harvest.

Bamboo dishes made from over 70% renewable resources.

Made from over 70% fast-growing bamboo and cornstarch processed with high-quality resin.
Magu Natur Design saves valuable resources and thus contributes significantly to the protection of our environment and is naturally tested food safe, odorless and tasteless and even dishwasher safe! We continue researching that 100% of bamboo will be used.

Where is our bamboo harness made?

Magu Crockery "Nature Design" is made in the home of Bamboo, in China. We have a very close contact with the manufacturer and are on site several times a year. This has the advantage of being able to intervene directly in the production, to discuss new products directly and to check the working conditions.

In 2017, the factory relocated its location with a complete new construction, directly to the bamboo plantations to ensure short distances. There, the bamboo is chopped into small bamboo fibres and dried to produce bamboo ware. The previously achieved DIN 9001 certification, which already has manufacturing facilities, will be reached shortly for the new factory. Of course, the manufacturer is in possession of a special license to harvest bamboo, which is monitored by the authorities.

Bamboo Harness Test - How to Test?

Here Magu GmbH sets as an importer its own, very high standards. The first test is done directly from the manufacturer in China. This already confirms food authenticity directly in the production process. But we do not want to rely on that. Magu, therefore, has the dishes inspected by the Chinese authorities at their own expense before shipping to Europe.

Only when the entire load is fully released, the harness is on the way. Arriving in Europe, they are checked at regular intervals by well-known German institutes. Only then will our bamboo dishes be sold. Food authenticity is confirmed by declarations of conformity that we naturally have.

Of course, our dishes are food-safe. This is regularly checked by well-known German food institutes and confirmed and marked on every piece of crockery with the food contact logo which shows a uniform glass and fork throughout the EU. If you would like to express that in a complicated way, you would say: Magu Natur Design dishes comply with the provisions of Regulation (EC) No 10/2011, Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 and Regulation (EC) No 2023 / 2006, as amended. The materials and raw materials used (bamboo fibres, corn starch and melamine) comply with Regulation (EU) No 10/2011.

By the way: we have also tested at our own expense the dishes with logo laser engraving. Again, there were, as expected, no complaints.

A word about melamine in bamboo utensils

Many of our customers contact us with questions about this topic. We can understand that, this resin has a reputation that it can release various substances in strong, permanent heating, but it is in normal use, completely unproblematic and is very often used for camping dishes or as a children's tableware. Unproblematic is the use as dinnerware. Only a long-lasting heating above 70 degrees can theoretically release substances. Our tableware is not intended as a cookware or bakery either for the microwave - this is the labeling on each product specifically.

Can I Drink Hot Drinks from Bamboo Cups?

OF COURSE! We use a part of synthetic resin for our bamboo crockery to make it reusable. This resin binds the bamboo fibres sturdy and load designed for a continuous load of 70 degrees, however, our test institute expressly points out that a hot filling is easily allowed, as the drinks and food on plates and bowl and cups cool down quickly. It is used very much today as a picnic and camping dishes, but also for children's crockery.

Our crockery is not suitable as a cookware or bakeware and also not for the microwave - but that was not our claim and not in vain is our coffee-to-go mug the absolute favorite product of our customers.

Reusable Crockery - No Disposable Crockery

Our Magu "Natur Design" crockery is made with bamboo and is still the perfect reusable crockery. There are certainly some uses for disposable tableware, but our goal is that Magu Natur Design dishes can be used permanently. It is very robust and yet slightly designed and suitable for the dishwasher and is later recyclable. This is how modern environmental protection goes.

Is bamboo Dishes Dishwasher Safe?

NATURALLY! Bamboo dishes are very robust and can be cleaned in domestic dishwashers and industrial dishwashers up to 70 degrees. Another advantage of bamboo crockery is that it usually comes completely dry from the dishwasher, unlike plastic. This is especially appreciated by the restaurants we serve.

Bamboo Harness - Environmental Protection Begins When Shipping - 2ndPack

We love our bamboo dishes and pack them with care. When choosing the packaging, we are breaking new ground. Many shipments are shipped to you in used boxes. Ok, these are not always beautiful as painted, but we can give old boxes a new life and the environment rejoices with joy.

You will recognise these shipments on the sticker of 2ndPack. This allows us to save large quantities of raw materials every year. More information can be found at 

The shipping costs for your order within Germany, we can lower to a low € 4.90 - no matter how many items you order - from € 60 we even ship for free.

24h shipping - CO2 neutral via DHL GoGREEN

Very fast shipping is important to us. Bamboo bins are usually packed and shipped within 24 hours. As soon as your shipment is ready, you will automatically receive an e-mail with the tracking code from our online shop.

CO² is produced when shipping bamboo dishes. Unfortunately, we cannot change that, but we can ensure that it is neutralised again through targeted climate projects. With our shipping partner DHL GoGREEN, we ensure that at least the amount of CO² that is produced by us is always reduced again.

Bamboo dishes - Regional cooperation

We are a medium-sized company based in Saxony. Here we live, here we hire employees and here we support regional projects such as the Klick Saxony network as well as projects for environmental protection and a children's hospice.

Bamboo dishes - Shipping to Austria and Switzerland

Of course, we also deliver your order to Austria and Switzerland. For deliveries to Switzerland, no VAT will be charged if the delivery actually leaves Germany. Our system can automatically distinguish this and show you the exempt prices directly.

Bamboo dishes Delivery times:

  • Germany: 1-2 working days
  • Austria: about 3-5 working days
  • Switzerland: approx. 5-7 working days (ECO) - 3-4 working days (PREMIUM)