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Chakras ॐ bamboo dishes with chakra symbols - your colors energy dishes

We offer you a unique collection of chakras tableware.

This chakra tableware collection (cups, mugs, Coffee2go cups and bowls) was designed and realized together with freakulized.

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Chakra Dishes Collection - Bamboo Dishes

Bamboo offers you a unique collection of chakras tableware. 

This chakra tableware collection (cups, mugs, Coffee2go cups and bowls) was designed and realized together with freakulized.

The 7 chakras - meaning - energy centers of the body

Every human being has his own energy system. Its components, the chakras, are mysterious, subtle energy vortices in and around the human body. They run along the spinal column. Their function is to absorb energies and to supply them to the body. There are 7 main chakras. The vortices are divided into different colours, characteristics, energies and symbols, which symbolise the respective meanings and life tasks. If there are disturbances, an energy centre cannot work properly, the energy is prevented from entering the body and sooner or later difficulties and deficits in the blocked area arise. If the chakras are open, energy can flow and nourish the body on a subtle basis and contribute to our development. 

The origin of the teaching about the chakras can be found in the ancient Vedas. First orally, later in writing, they were passed on even by personalities like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. 

In the energy teaching the chakras are distributed in 7 energy centres (main chakras) in the body: 

1st chakra or root chakra (Muladhara) - I AM 

The root chakra is at the level of the coccyx. It is the base chakra and stands for the original life force, the primal trust and the connection with the earth. Mula means root, adhara is the support. It is shown in red and its symbol is the earth. The 1st chakra enables people to be in the here and now and to ground themselves.  

2nd chakra, sexual chakra or sacral chakra (Svadhisthana) - I FEEL 

About a hand's breadth below the navel lies the sacral chakra. It stands for emotions, sweetness and sweetness on all levels and is symbolized by the six-petalled lotus blossom and the colour orange. The sensual level of sexuality and the flow of life are main themes of the 2nd chakra. 

3rd chakra, navel chakra or solar plexus chakra (Manipura) - I DO 

The seat of the 3rd chakra is located slightly above the navel at the level of the stomach. In Sanskrit Mani means as much as precious. Pura can be translated as place. It is the seat of the personality. The topics of this chakra, shown in yellow, include the development of the ego and assertiveness. The symbol shows a ten-petalled lotus blossom. 

4th chakra or heart chakra (Anahata) - I LOVE 

The heart chakra is the centre of the energy vortex and is located at heart level. It is the centre of love, devotion and harmony. Anahata means being undamaged and whole. This is the originality of the heart. 

The green chakra has the symbol of the twelve-petalled lotus blossom. An open heart chakra allows us to perceive beauty around us. 

5th chakra, throat chakra or throat chakra (Vishuddha) - I SPEAK 

At the level of the larynx is the throat chakra. Viśuddha can be translated as cleaning. With it we can express our thoughts and feelings. Communication and finding the truth are in the centre of attention here. The sixteen-petalled lotus blossom and the colour blue are characteristic of the 5th chakra. 

6th chakra, third eye or brow chakra (Ajna) - I SEE 

Ājñā means perceive. The 6th chakra, which is located between the eyebrows, is also called the 3rd eye. Our intuition goes out from here and gives us the possibility to move safely in this world. The other topics are wisdom and cognition. The brow chakra is symbolized by the colour indigo and the ninety-six petalled lotus flower. 

7th chakra, crown chakra or crown chakra (Sahasrara) - I KNOW 

Above the head and outside the body is the crown chakra. It represents the connection to God and contains the centre of consciousness of spirituality. Sahasrāra means thousandfold, so it is not surprising that the 7th chakra is symbolized as a thousand-petalled lotus. The colour is perceived and described as white, but also transparent with violet parts.  

Freakulized Chakras drinking cup, coffee cup and bowls collection 

Our chakra collection from Freakulized offers for each main chakra as an energy center the appropriate bamboo tableware. Just orientate yourself by the assigned colours of the chakras and choose your soul theme. Lovingly designed and laser-engraved, the collection is a colourful eye-catcher with a special message and thus an individual companion on the exciting journey through the body, the soul and the whole human life.