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Bamboo tableware for kindergartens and schools

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 Schule Geschirr 

Bamboo tableware for kindergartens and schools

Kindergarten Geschirr

We already use bamboo tableware in many kindergartens and can therefore already replace over 70% of the mass with natural raw materials compared to melamine tableware. Especially small children love our tableware, not only because of the fresh, natural colours, but especially because of the natural feel. This extraordinary surface paired with low weight also makes the tableware easy to grip, so that even small hands can hold everything well. Kindergartens often use a mixture of all our colours, so that children can choose their favourite colour or the crockery can be used in different groups sorted by colour. 

We are parents ourselves and are happy to see our children learn to eat with our crockery, even if something falls off. Bamboo crockery is not unbreakable because we do not use any softeners (100% BPA free!). The durability is comparable to melamine dishes. 


Kindergarten tableware with pictures / names or initials

We have also already realized this for facilities. For example, we have already been able to supply kindergartens that wanted to have their own animals engraved on the cups for each group. This way the children can sort the dishes themselves and choose a cup for their own group. Individual names or initials on drinking cups are also possible. We use the most modern laser engraving, whereby pictures and texts are engraved indelibly into the dishes and can also be felt by the children.  Please write us a message with your wishes, we will be happy to make you an individual offer. 


Tableware for schools made of bamboo

In schools the requirements are still increasing. Here, the dishes are often put under a lot of strain during the short lunch break - often even washed in the machine during a break and used again. Bamboo crockery is up to this! Here is another advantage: Bamboo dishes are often dry immediately after washing, unlike plastic dishes. 

School Tableware 

Certificates and declarations of conformity

Public sector bodies often need to be able to account for purchases and demonstrate the quality of purchases. We would be pleased to send you the appropriate declarations of conformity from the manufacturer with your order. In this way, the food safety can also be verified later without any gaps.  


Payment on account / invoice

This is also possible with us. We know that public institutions are often not allowed to make advance payments. In this case, please contact us briefly and we will arrange everything else. You can reach us via our contact form, by e-mail to or by phone at 0341 3928055-41